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Ultra-sturdy mobile hardware for field operations

Mission types and the overall work of the world’s armies has changed significantly in recent years. New technologies have emerged and brought several advantages for military purposes due to digitalization. As a result, mobile computers are being used more and more frequently and soldiers are being equipped with electronic IT equipment. Rugged tablet PCs play an important role in this development. Their small dimensions and weight make them easy to transport, which is essential for use in the field. In addition, the tablets are robustly built and feature various connectivity as well as high performance. A combination of these features makes rugged tablets the perfect addition to a modern soldier’s equipment.

Designed for use in hostile environments, SCORPION rugged tablets have the features they need to be usable in military environments.

Secure operations due to military certifications

Military: Safe outdoor use of SCORPION tablets due to MIL-STD-810G

SCORPION 10X Android: Military-grade rugged tablet for extreme outdoor use

Ruggedized case for hostile environments

The SCORPION series is best-suited for applications in the military or defense sector as well as for marine or field operations where a sturdier design is utmost important. Due to certified military rating MIL-STD-810G, the devices can easily withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters on concrete floors and remain fully operational. Even severe weather conditions such as splash water, desert dust or extreme outdoor temperatures from -10° to 50 °C cannot harm the mobile devices. The ideal solution for international operations and applications in the open field.

High brightness models for outdoor use

The SCORPION 10X Android combines all necessary features for military field operations. In addition to the robust design and performance, the features a high brightness display. With a luminosity of up to 1000 nits, the display is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight.

Our tablets and handhelds have comprehensive interface options and are available in versions with Android or Windows operating system. This way we can guarantee, that you are able to use your preferred software. The ability to receive cellular data is essential for military operations. Therefore, all SCORPION models are equipped with a SIM slot and are thus LTE-ready. In addition, the integrated GPS interfaces allow the use of tracking systems even in the most remote locations.

Military-certified tablets with comprehensive accessories

The devices can be mounted on all types vehicles due to precisely fitting vehicle mounts: protected/armored wheeled vehicles, trucks or vans. We also offer additional hand or shoulder straps for the rugged devices, which keep them easy-to-transport and easy-to-use even outside work stations or emergency vehicles.

Recommended models for the military

12″ Models