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Rugged tablets and handhelds suited for use at construction sites and in workshops

Compact design, easy-to-operate and a powerful processor – these are the characteristics of tablet PCs. These attributes are very well suited to use in working environments, which is why tablets are already being used by many industries. The mobile devices are also being used more and more frequently in workshops and crafting facilities. Here, however, they are exposed to different stresses than in conventional applications. Accordingly, the demands on rugged tablets for craftmanships are also higher.

Use cases and advantages

Document management

Save entire catalogs and design documents conveniently on the respective end device


Create sketches directly on the device on site and discuss them together with the customer or business partner


Forward sketches and recordings directly to order processing as an option and optimize the according processes

Time factor

Complete or edit projects faster

The resilient solution
for craftsmen and engineers

A ruggedized design is essential for tablets and handhelds that are used on a construction site or in a workshop. They must be able to withstand drops, splashing water and fine construction dust without compromise. The models of the SCORPION series have at least IP65 and MIL-STD-810G ratings and are therefore protected against water, dust and drop damage from a height of up to 1.5 meters. Our tablets and handhelds’ sturdiness was already proven in 2017 by the first 8-inch model during its major market launch in a stress test conducted by handwerk magazine. Sawdust, splash water, sharp-edged screws, falls and even the full weight of a full-grown man cannot harm the SCORPION devices.

Tablets and handhelds are used either indoors in workshops or outdoors, for example on construction sites. Outdoor use in particular requires not only absolute robustness but also a stable display that is easy to read even in direct sunlight. The SCORPION outdoor models have scratch-resistant displays with a luminosity of up to 1000 nits. This makes it possible to read the display perfectly in all positions. The ability to receive mobile data is another requirement that craft tablets must meet. For this reason, all models of the SCORPION series have a SIM slot and are therefore LTE-ready.

Comprehensive accessories for improved handling