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Police and firefighters

Durable rugged tablets for emergency vehicles on-site

Advancing digitalization is an increasingly important topic for the police and fire departments. The combination of software and hardware can be the key to success during operations saving lives and money in the process. When it comes to hardware, it is particularly important that it is future-built yet easy to transport while having variable connectivity options and high performance.

The SCORPION rugged tablet models were developed to withstand any condition during firefighting or police operations. All devices are at least IP65 water / dust-proof and can withstand long-term vibrations and even drops from a height of up to 1.5 meters according to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G. On top of that, there is a versatile interface and high computing power due to integrated Intel®, ARM or MediaTek processors and the option to expand the functionality of the devices with additional accessories.

SCORPION 10X Android - High brightness tablet with 10.1 inch display for mobile applications in vehicles

SCORPION 10X Android: High brightness tablet with 10.1 inch display for mobile applications in vehicles (mounting kit included)

Real-time data for vehicles and control centers

  • Access to popular and available apps/programs such as PlateRESCUE, Katwarn, Weber Rescue, Kemler- GSA hazardous materials app, etc.

  • Access to operational documents such as hydrant plans, location maps, object information, rescue data sheets

  • Links to management or deployment information systems

  • Navigation to the operation site directly via operation information system


8″ to 12″ rugged tablets for driver cabins

Always keep track of current operations on site or receive data from the control center directly into your police or fire department vehicle. With our corresponding car mounts, you can easily carry mobile devices with 8″, 10″ or 12″ display size in the driver’s cab. Due to an integrated active charging feature inside the mounting kits, you only need to dock the SCORPION tablets and do not have to charge them separately by cable. This way, the batteries survive every work shift without any difficulties.

The devices are installed with Windows 10 IoT or Android operating system as an option, making them compatible with almost any application software. You can also make optimal use of the integrated communication standards such as LTE, GPS or Bluetooth for your purposes.

Always ready for use in harsh environments

Always ready for use in harsh environments

The SCORPION tablets and handhelds can withstand outdoor temperatures of -10° to 50°C during operation at any time. This means that the devices can still be used in full sunlight inside the vehicle without any permanent damage. The high brightness models of the SCORPION series also can be used outdoors due to their sunlight-readable display. We also offer additional hand or shoulder straps for the rugged devices, which keep them easy-to-transport and easy-to-use even outside precincts, control centers or emergency vehicles.

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