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How do I get the 1D/2D scanner to work?2022-03-25T16:02:44+01:00

For the models SCORPION 12″, 10″ PLUS, 10X Windows as well as 6″ please note the following details about the built-in Honeywell N3680 scanner module:

  • You can download the data sheet, user guide and other documents here:
  • In the User Guide (Final – N36XX-UG Rev B.PDF) on page 60/4-2 please scan the code “Add CR Suffix to All Symbologies”, then the scanner will add the CR automatically after each scan
  • The setting is now globally set for all code types
  • More complex scanner configurations can be done more comfortably via the utility “EZConfig” (web interface for reading, setting and writing back the scanner configuration)
  • Scanner configuration is always stored in the scan module (and not in Windows)
  • Utility EZConfig only works with Windows
  • For Android devices, a ScannerApp (e.g. HardDecodeScan) is available instead, with which the most common settings can be configured

For the SCORPION 10X Android, please note the following details about the built-in Newland LV3096 2D scan module:

  • The SCORPION 10X Android does not have a hardware button for the scanner (only a button for On/Off or Standby/Wakeup is available), which means that the scanner cannot be used with Android on-board devices for the time being
  • However, there is a ScanDemoApp (scan_demo.apk) in the SDK folder, which can be used to test the scanner
  • To trigger the scanner, a software button (via touchscreen) has to be programmed first (e.g. a real ScanApp)
  • The processing / collection of the scanned data must also be programmed via the app
  • Also for the other features (CANBus, GPIO, and Serial Ports) there are SDKs incl. Demo-APKs available
  • All software packages, like Barcode Scanner SDK (incl. instructions and ScanDemoApp) for download:

For the SCORPION 8″ PLUS please refer to the user manual and the SDK for the Motorola Zebra SE2707 2D scan module:

Is a special protective cover needed?2022-03-25T16:05:19+01:00

No, a separate casing is not needed. The chassis of the SCORPION Rugged tablets and handhelds are equipped with a hard rubber casing that protects against drop damage up to 1.5 meters. The ports are covered by rubber tabs and protect the device (when closed) from water and dust ingress. The degree of protection of the hardware ranges from IP65 to IP67.

Are there active and passive mounts for the devices?2022-03-25T16:09:29+01:00

Active and passive mounts are available for all SCORPION models in order to mount them in vehicle cabs or on machines/forklifts. Active mounts provide an additional charging option during work.
The following models have an active mounting kit, which is compatible with the products of the company RAM Mount and can therefore be mounted on almost all surfaces or substrates:

  • SCORPION 12″ (Skylake)
  • SCORPION 10X Windows

Passive mounting kits (X-Grip) are suitable for incoming and outgoing goods, for warehouse applications or forklift trucks. We have the following models with passive mount in our portfolio:

  • SCORPION 10X Windows
Are the SCORPION models suitable for outdoor use?2022-03-25T16:11:53+01:00

Basically, all SCORPION Rugged tablets and handhelds are suitable for outdoor use, but not all models are readable in direct sunlight. If the outdoor application requires a sunlight-readable display, we offer high brightness tablets with a luminosity of up to 1,000 nits (800 nits and higher are referred to as outdoor-capable devices). Our SCORPION 10X models are also designed for outdoor use in direct sunlight due to their high screen brightness.

How long does the battery last?2022-03-25T16:15:05+01:00

The built-in batteries of the SCORPION Rugged tablets and handhelds usually last 4 to 6 hours in normal operation. In standby mode, 8 to 10 hours are also possible. This applies to the models with the 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch display sizes. The SCORPION 12″ (Skylake) can theoretically be used permanently in 24-hour operations, since this model allows changing the battery via hot swap.

Which scanner module is installed in the models?2022-03-25T16:17:50+01:00

Depending on the model, scan engines from Motorola or Honeywell are installed in our SCORPION Rugged Tablets and Handhelds.
The following SCORPION models contain the Honeywell N3680 1D/2D scanner module:

  • SCORPION 12″ (Cherry Trail)
  • SCORPION 12″ (Skylake)
  • SCORPION 12″ (Kabylake)
  • SCORPION 10X Windows

The following SCORPION models include the Newland LV3096 1D/2D scanner module:

  • SCORPION 10X Android

The following SCORPION models contain the 1D/2D scanner module Motorola Zebra SE2707:


These are embedded in the back or on the top of the front side of the device. For the Scorpion 10X – Windows, it is modular and adds a bit to the back.

What is the maximum reading range of the 1D/2D scanner?2022-03-25T16:19:19+01:00

The reading range of our barcode readers depends on the size and quality of the code to be read and the scan engine. Our scanners achieve a maximum reading range of 20 to 30 centimeters. If long range scanners are needed for longer distances, we can provide other models according to customer requirements if necessary.