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In case of a malfunction or damage, you can arrange a return shipment using the form

    Type of Problem*
    OS doesn't bootOS UpgradeDisplay malfunctionWrong deliveryIncorrect language or OS versionHardware malfunctionHardware UpgradeTouchscreen malfunctionPhysical system damage (e.g. crack in the display, etc.)System doesn't startNone of the above

    I hereby declare that I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy and accept the conditions.

    1. If you are unsure if the device is malfunctioning, please contact our support department first: Phone: +49 (8142) 47284 44

    2. Please fill out this form completely (make sure to include a contact person!) and send it to our RMA department before you send the malfunctioned equipment to us. A complete and detailed problem description is required. “Malfunction” is not sufficient information.

    3. Next you will receive an RMA number that MUST be indicated on your return box. In addition, please enclose a copy of the RMA form with the package. The RMA number is valid for 2 weeks from the date assigned.
    Please send the product freight prepaid within the two week period.

    4. Please note that shipments arriving freight collect, without a detailed description of the issue(s), without the RMA form or without a valid signature will be returned unprocessed and at your expense!

    5. A credit or free replacement is only possible if the goods are in their original condition (original package is without damage).

    6. Enclose accessories only if they are necessary to reproduce the problem (even if the accessories were not purchased from BRESSNER). The RMA procedure will be delayed if all necessary accessories are not included for testing! If the device has a front door please enclose the appropriate key. Please do not send systems that are password protected. If needed, set up a user with administrator privileges and no password so we have full access to the system.

    7. Backups are always the responsibility of the customer. We accept no liability for loss of data.

    8. In the case of shipping damage please notify the shipping company.

    9. If no errors are found, then a handling fee of at minimum € 75,- plus VAT will be charged. An administration fee will be charged for the procurement of missing or newer drivers and patches.

    10. If the returned items are no longer under warranty then a handling fee of at minimum € 75, plus VAT will be charged.

    Please note: Personal data is collected as part of the return / RMA process. The type of collected data in this specific case is apparent from the form. We use this data exclusively to fulfill your respective concerns and save them only in the context of the associated technical administration. The provision of your personal data is voluntary. However, we can only process your request if you provide us with your name, your e-mail address and the reason for the request. Our privacy policy can be found here.