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Rugged tablets and handheld solutions for mobile use

No matter if it’s on freight trains or in trucks, the use of tablets and handhelds is becoming increasingly common in modern-day transportation. For example, truck drivers often use electronic tachographs in their cabs, or receive instructions about changed routes from their clients, or they need to have their routes tracked via tablet. Long-haul drivers, cover an average of around 16,000 kilometers a year on roads of varying conditions. This means that the devices have to withstand vibrations, sudden impacts from braking and a wide variety of weather conditions over many thousands of working hours.

SCORPION 12: Transportable rugged tablet for mobile applications

SCORPION 12″: Rugged tablet for mobile application environments

Defy any hostile environment in your daily routine

Stay on the right track with our SCORPION rugged tablets and handhelds! Mobility, flexibility and sturdiness matter the most when it comes to withstanding the adverse outdoor conditions and mechanical stresses of your workshift. This is especially true when using the mobile devices on a daily basis: They have to withstand shocks or vibrations while driving as well as extreme outdoor temperatures. The SCORPION models are designed for regular use in these situations and are able to provide drivers with full connectivity along the entire route.

The SCORPION Rugged models are all certified at least with an IP65 rating as well as the military standard MIL-STD-810G. Not only does it protect the devices against water and dust, but also against vibrations, shocks and even drop damage from heights of up to 1.5 meters. Of course, the most common communication standards are a must-have, so all tablets and handhelds are equipped with LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Accessories for for any mobile use during transportation

SCORPION 10 PLUS Accessories - Active vehicle mount

Naturally, we also offer the necessary accessories for mounting, charging or secure transportation of our devices. These include one-hundred-percent sturdy vehicle holders with active charging feature, which can be mounted in the cabs of trucks or cars without much effort. Simply place your mobile devices inside the mounting kit and you are ready for the next trip. Thus, empty batteries or hardware damage during transport belong to the past.

Pistol grip for SCORPION rugged handhelds

Pistol grip for SCORPION 6″

  • Compatible with the SCORPION 6″ handheld

  • Built-in trigger simplifies reading of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Easy mounting via plug & play