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Rugged tablets and handhelds for hostile environments

In manufacturing, tablet and handheld devices can be used for inspection, quality and inventory control, machine maintenance and order tracking. In industrial environments, however, the devices are exposed to particularly adverse influences. These include, for example, extreme temperature fluctuations, shocks and constant vibrations or splash water and dust. With these extreme conditions, conventional tablets and handhelds quickly reach their limits.

Our SCORPION Rugged models were designed for use in industrial environments and defy the stresses that occur here. All devices are protected against water and dust according to at least IP65 and are resistant to drops from heights of up to 1.5 meters according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G – perfect for use in the industry.

Control and management of industrial processes

Despite their easy-to-handle size and low weight, the SCORPION tablet and handheld models are real powerhouses. The mobile devices are powerful enough to control, manage and monitor industrial processes or machines, for example. Depending on the model, high-performance processors by Intel®, ARM or MediaTek are available for this purpose. Thanks to the latest operating system standards (Windows 10 IoT and Android), the devices also have access to the latest software updates and are thus best-equipped against malware or external attacks.

Established communication standards such as Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS and Bluetooth enable protocols and sensitive machine data to be transmitted reliably and without interference. This allows the rugged tablets and handhelds to be connected to in-house networks and additionally provide an HMI terminal for remote maintenance and automated factories.

Control and management of industrial processes

SCORPION 10X Android: High brightness tablet for industrial outdoor or indoor use

Mobile devices for industrial-grade machine maintenance

The use of rugged tablets or handhelds in the industry, no matter if it’s for inventory control, maintenance or inspection, can greatly increase efficiency and accuracy. Better data leads to more accurate processes, which in turn improve customer delivery results.

SCORPION devices can be used in industrial machine maintenance, for example, thanks to a wide range of communication interfaces. Via NFC, data can be accessed to track preventive and planned maintenance as well as to update progress status. In addition, the powerful SCORPION devices can be connected to a company’s diagnostic tools to help engineers inspect equipment more quickly, consistently and safely. Simplified and rapid transmission of information can thus ensure greater occupational safety and less wear and tear on machinery.

Optional accessories can simplify daily industrial routines