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Applications and use cases

Industry - application example


The SCORPION series meets the specific requirements to enable smooth operation in harsh environments

Crafting - application example


With an IP6X certification, the SCORPION devices are also protected against dust and water in workshops.

Agriculture - application example


Even in direct sunlight during outdoor operations, the screens of the SCORPION 10X models stay perfectly readable

Logistics - application example


Integrated scan modules can also read 1D or 2D barcodes for warehouses and logistics

Military - Application example


All SCORPION models are MIL-STD-810G certified and thus best-suited for military field operations

Police and Firefighters - Application example

Police and Firefighters

We offer vehicle mounts for all SCORPION models incl. active charging feature for emergency vehicles of any kind

Transportation - application example


Stay mobile always and everywhere with our transportable SCORPION - rugged tablets and handhelds

Drone Control - Application example

Drone Control

Our SCORPION tablets are suitable as control devices for small and medium drones as well as multicopters