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We help you implement huge projects and blanket orders

We also offer our customers the possibility to handle large-scale projects and blanket orders. In addition to customizable tablet or handheld hardware, complete software images are also prefabricated, which greatly simplifies the installation and setup of large quantities.

In case of an upcoming project, test models can be provided free of charge and in advance for a period of two to four weeks. Outside of project-based orders, we’re able to offer you one-time demo prices when purchasing individual samples.

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SCORPION 10X Android for the implementation of large projects

Annual demand for projects

Due to the individuality and the associated workload in terms of technical consultance and support, we can accept projects or blanket orders only from a predefined annual demand. Please note that the stated quantities are only a rough guideline. Depending on customer requirements, projects can theoretically be handled at lower order quantities.

Do you have an upcoming project that you need assistance with? Or do you need the know-how of our IT experts for specific use cases or requirements?

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SCORPION models Annual demand
SCORPION 12″ approx. 50 pieces and above
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SCORPION 10X Android approx. 100 pieces and above
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SCORPION 10X Windows approx. 100 pieces and above
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SCORPION 10″ PLUS approx. 150 pieces and above
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SCORPION 8″ PLUS approx. 150 pieces and above
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SCORPION 6″ approx. 150 pieces and above
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Our service packages for project customers

Our service packages for projects and contract customers

Individual customization

We handle all imaging for project customers and ship complete device installations including operating systems and configurations that meet your specifications. In addition, we can perform the following customizations, among others:

  • Color change of the case

  • Logo print on the case

  • Logo print on the display glass

Quick call orders

Call orders allow project customers to call off an agreed quantity of rugged tablets or handhelds over a period of one year. The orders are stored, customized and configured in-house. Since material procurement and production time are incurred once, such call-off quantities can also be delivered within a few working days. This means that cross-branch roll-outs within large companies or medium-sized enterprises can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Excellent technical consulting

Our experienced team will be happy to help you with technical questions related to hardware, software or your individual application. Our pre- and post-sales service, provides you with comprehensive consultance both before and after your order is placed and can arrange project frameworks securely and on time. Our technical support also takes care of complex issues and assists you with configurations as well as in case of a malfunction.