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Extreme water and dust protection as well as ultra-sturdy chassis and displays

Learn more about the comprehensive certifications of our SCORPION rugged tablet and handheld models. The mobile devices can survive drops on concrete floors due to extensive development and were designed for the most extreme environmental conditions. The list ranges from MIL-STD-810G to IP67 water and dust protection as well as Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

What does MIL-STD-810G stand for?

MIL-STD-810 certifications are a set of standardized testing methods for the U.S. military, which define the compatibility of equipment in dealing with high temperature fluctuations, air pressure, humidity, vibrations or sunlight, among other things.

All SCORPION rugged tablets and handhelds are already offered with MIL-STD-810G certification as a standard, which among others gives them a drop resistance up to 1.5 meters. The various MIL-STD-810G test methods can be found in the table, but are not comprised of the complete specification list.

Testing method Content
501.5 High temperature
502.5 Low temperature
503.5 Temperature shock
504.1 Contamination by liquids
507.5 Humidity
510.5 Sand and dust
514.6 Vibrations

What does the IP protection stand for?

The so-called IP value (International Protection) or IP protection class is one of the certifications protecting our SCORPION rugged tablets and handhelds from external influences. The first digit indicates the protection against contact and dirt (e.g. dust). The second digit indicates how well the device is protected against water penetration.

The table shows the coded meaning of the numbers and their gradation. Basically, the higher the code number, the better the hardware is protected against ingress of foreign bodies and water. All SCORPION models have at least IP65 protection, which can reach IP67 for some devices.

1. Digit

Protection against contact and dirt

0 Not protected
1 Protected against large-surface contact and solid foreign bodies (∅ ≥ 50mm)
2 Protected against contact with fingers and solid foreign bodies (∅ ≥ 12.5mm)
3 Protected against contact with tools and solid foreign bodies (∅ ≥ 2.5mm)
4 Protected against contact with wires and solid foreign bodies (∅ ≥ 1.0mm)
5 Complete protection against any direct contact as well as against dust in harmful quantities
6 Complete protection against contact and dust
2. Digit

Water protection

0 Not protected
1 Protected from vertically falling dripping water
2 Protected against falling dripping water, with housing inclination up to 15°
3 Protected against falling spray water up to 60° from the vertical
4 Protected from splashing water on all sides
5 Protected against water jets from any angle
6 Protected against strong jets of water
7 Protected against temporary submersion in water
8 Protected against continuous submersion in water up to 1 meter depth (unless otherwise specified).
9 Protected from water during high-pressure and steam cleaning

Best protected with IP67 SCORPION models

IP67 models

SCORPION 10X – Android


SCORPION 10X - Android